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DOG BEING was founded in 2005 with a team of cosmetic, veterinary and advertising professionals seeking to revamp the pet care market with a distinctive and unique offer.

Started from the natural beauty of Asia

The YU Oriental Natural Herbs Care for Pets line of products was launched in Taiwan in 2007, believing that every bath time for pets should be a fun, happy and healthy sharing moment. YU combines bathing and skin care all developed with natural formulas, giving a luxous touch and unique fragrance to your pets for an absolute and totally-enjoyable sensory experience. YU includes shampoos for dogs and cats, conditioners, leave-in treatments, dry clean sprays, perfumes and ear-cleansing solutions. We selected precious oriental botanical and floral extracts, producing unique formulas which capture the living energy found in plants.

Precious natural ingredients to ensure quality

Peony, Lotus, Coix Seed, Bellflower, Astragalus Extract, Apricot, Cherry Blossoms, Camellias, Pomegranate, Orchid, and Himalayan salt extracts are added to help repair skin and coat. Organic epilobium fleischeri extract soothing skin, Witch hazel creates a natural protective film on the skin, Allantoin helps reduce inflammation, and Vitamin B6 maintains sebum balance, keeping the skin clean and fresh.

All Yu products are exclusively formulated with gentle ingredients from reliable and trustworthy sources. They are all safe and clinically-tested. Compliant with EU / FDA standards. Free of plasticizers, soap base, paraffin, mineral oil, triclosan, SLS, bleach, animal ingredients, and fluorescent agents.

Luxurious and indulged

From packaging to formulation, YU products are specifically-designed to take care of your pets. The elegant oriental packaging plus healthy ingredients and formulas, attract pet owners from the world. Today YU product series has been sold and distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, USA and Hungary.

More to offer

DOG BEING brand portfolio includes SKIN PEACE Dermaceutical Pet Care, Apt.1022 Green Pet Care, Bubble Rice Crème Bath for Pets, and Dogbeing Professional Ultimate Care. Each and every of our product is packed with pure love and passion. By only using natural ingredients, we are fully-committed to your pet’s good health, beauty and wellbeing.

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